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18th Paris Crossing

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18th Paris Crossing

France Avenue de Paris, 94300 Vincennes, France
(latitude: 48.842567, longitude: 2.435494)

Organised by Vincennes en Anciennes, the emblematic PARIS CROSSING is the appointement which shouldn’t be missed by vintage car lovers. Twice a year (in January and July,) this event gather more than 700 vintage vehicles (cars, motorbikes, buses, light trucks and even tractors) as long as they are over 30 year old. The largest meeting of old vehicles in the capital.

For years VeA always concerned about to value old machines and imagine an original theme for each of its crossing. Next January VeA will present French and foreign famous trade vehicles which are now disappeared. Some of those names have stamped the history of locomotion and kept the perfume of nostalgy: AJS, ALVIS, AMERICAN LAFRANCE, AMILCAR, DE DION BOUTON, DELAGE, DELAHAYE, DOLLAR, FACEL VEGA, GNOME ET RHONE, MOTOBECANE, PONTIAC, ROSENGART, SIMCA, STUDEBAKER, TERROT, TURCAT-MERY, Le ZEBRE, ZUNDAPP, some of them are elegant and luxurious, some linked with technical progress or democratization.

Following the country or the moment of history, many reasons lead them not to survive: World conflicts, economical crisis, bankrupt, lack of steel, after wars, vehicles not adapted to the surrounding, petrol crash, car manufacturers policy, selling failure. As a miracle some crossed the years, cared by their owners, least testimony from the past, some of them have a new birth during the XXI century like: ALPINE, BUGATTI, Among the vehicles presented during the Paris Crossing we could admire some PANHARD, HOTCHKISS, JEEP WILLYS, for the bikes: VERDIN, VAURY, FONGERS, DOBRO, CLEDIABERT, SIMOUN.

Some local trade manufacturers or craftmen and a ONESIME BOUCHERON bicycle named by a 20’s champion who probably sold bicycles with his name when he stopped in championship in 1936. A ROUTE DEDICATED TO THE ART DECO Not always different but not always the same, the route will be kept secret and discovered by the crews at the last moment when they will get their roadbook. Early in the morning in the effervescence on the esplanade surrounding by the noise from the engines and the lines of cars, the drivers will have a coffee and meet the crews, after a picture session, everybody will be ready for the departure! A 28 kms tour will leave from the esplanade of the Château de Vincennes at 8.00 AM to be back at noon. Some cars will stay for an exhibition to 4.00 PM.

Old buses are available to transport the public for 10&€ (mandatory reservation, limited number of places) The Paris Crossing will have, this year, a glance on the French capital Art Deco architecture from the 20’s to the 30’s. Admire the purity of the grand Rex, Tokyo Palace and Chaillot . Any takers !!!!! Vincennes en Anciennes prints for this special day a representation plate “Traversée de Paris en Anciennes “ which is a “collect” and the stamp of people passionate by all the engine heritage. To set this event now recognized indoor and abroad, a specific logo was created.

Practical information: Departure of the cars from 8.00 AM to 8.45AM from the Esplanade of the Château de Vincennes Arrival between 11.30AM and 12AM where some cars will stay in exhibition till 4PM.

Practical information and reservation on the site:

Contact Details
Association Vincennes en Anciennes
Click here to send an email to the organizer
Click here to visit the website of the event
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